AES Community: Sharing a Common Passion

The AES is thousands of individuals united by a passion for audio. From seasoned professionals to novices and students, from researchers to practitioners, from local sections to international conferences and conventions, AES is the place to Listen, Learn and Connect.

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Interest Groups

Acoustics and Sound Reinforcement

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Recording and Technology Practices

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Network Audio Systems

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Audio for Games

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AES sections worldwide provide face-to-face, member-to-member engagement. Connect with your peers, learn from industry veterans, meet your next employer or employee. Section activities promote personal growth and stimulate local and international business.

Presentation of Dolby Atmos System

Held by Czech Section on January 15

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Held by New York Section男女做爰高清免费视频 on August 22

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Technical Council & Committees

Technical Council

男女做爰高清免费视频The Technical Council coordinates research, publication and events on technical topics in many distinct fields of audio engineering theory and practice. These fields are represented by Technical Committees, whose members concentrate on tracking and reporting the latest advances in technologies and applications.


男女做爰高清免费视频The purpose of the AES Historical Committee is to collect, create and distribute accurate historical information about the field of audio engineering. Resources developed by the Historical Committee include online documents, searchable indices, AES Journal articles, oral histories and multimedia content.


男女做爰高清免费视频The AES honors high achievement in audio engineering and distinguished service to industry and the Society by presenting awards at its Fall and Spring international conventions. The Awards Committee compiles nominations from the membership, reviews the qualifications of candidates, and makes award recommendations to the Board of Governors.


男女做爰高清免费视频The Education Committee provides oversight for the Student Delegate Assembly, publishes career guidance and special educational materials, maintains the Educational Directory of institutions offering programs in audio education, and coordinates technical paper sessions and workshops at AES conventions, conferences and special meetings.


男女做爰高清免费视频The AES Standards Committee (AESSC) is the organization responsible for conducting the AES Standards Program. It develops and publishes a number of technical standards, information documents and technical reports within the field of professional audio technology.

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Member Profiles

Jamie Angus

Jamie Angus

Professor of Audio Technology at University of Salford

男女做爰高清免费视频Section: U.K.

Stephen Roessner

Stephen Roessner

Grammy Award Winning Recording Engineer / Ph.D. Student in EE at Calibrated Sound

男女做爰高清免费视频Section: New York

Igor Maxymenko

Igor Maxymenko

男女做爰高清免费视频Product Manager at Waves Audio Ltd.

Section: Israel

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